Elevate your relationship with Money. Release the pressure, guilt, and limiting beliefs. 

Ai Nguyen presents Money Affirmations 
Audio & Workbook

a Money Affirmation Audio and Workbook
designed for Female Entrepreneurs, Coaches, and Healers.

Rewire your subconscious mind audio in your sleep.

A deep experience awaits you inside this audio & workbook .

 Create Intentions to shift your thoughts & actions.

And rewrite your stories around money and wealth.

From Blocked to Breakthrough

Five years ago, I removed myself from the 9-5 grind of the corporate world in the fashion/apparel industry.  From that transition, I had to face the challenges of being a woman in entrepreneurship, and also a woman of color.  

And so, I went through the spiritual journey of overcoming limiting beliefs, and healing my own wounds, to now teaching others my processes.

After working with hundreds of men and women on their mindset to elevate their life and businesses, I realized that the missing piece is the conversations happening inside people's subconscious minds, 

...the self talk are so deep and dark, that it impedes their ability to take actions aligned with their vision and values.  This blocks them from manifesting money, wealth, and abundance or feeling worthy of keeping it, no matter how hard they work.

Hi, I’m Ai Nguyen. I am a Life and Business Breakthrough Coach. I help entrepreneurs, coaches, and healers create a bold, soul-aligned, and impactful life and business, using the power of intuition, mind, and strategic thinking.

 I created this MONEY experience to help ambitious and purpose driven female entrepreneurs like yourself release your blockages and make room to receive all that the source wants to give to you.

Anyone can listen to this audio, not just women.  

However, I dedicate my work specifically to women because of the societal norms that we have to break free from.  We hold on to so much weight from the pressures and negative self talk passed down from our past.  

This conversation is not just about money.  It's about the pressures, guilt, shame, traumas, self doubts, fears and all the things that hold you back from being free and trusting of yourself; and from experiencing what money can do for your life and legacy.

There's more to it, and I'll let you experience it for yourself inside this beautiful AUDIO and WORKBOOK, deliciously designed by me.

What You Get

  • Money Affirmation Audio:  Listen to at night or in the morning to rewire your subconscious thoughts. You can listen to parts of it as little as 10 minutes, or the whole audio at 42 minutes, and as much as you need to shift your energy and thoughts through this meditative experience.
  • Money Affirmation Workbook: Take yourself through a deep healing and expansive 40 page (PDF) EXPERIENCE as you reflect, journal, and find inspiration from questions designed to reclaim your vision, heal your money wounds, and inspire you to take aligned action. The PDF is designed for you to be able to type in it.
  • BONUS : Access to Ai's Private Facebook Group: more support and trainings, inside a powerful tribe of female entrepreneurs, coaches, and healers. MAGNETIZE, and STRATEGIZE to create a successful, impactful, and scalable business.
  • ​30 DAY GUARANTEE :  If you used this audio and workbook and you didn't enjoy the experience, you may ask for a refund.  You have my guarantee.  Anything that I produce for my clients come from a place of service, integrity, high value, and transformation. 

About the Audio and Workbook

  • When you listen to this AUDIO before going to sleep and when you wake up, you access the theta state to require your subconscious mind, changing your beliefs around money, wealth, and abundance.
  • ​Go from overwhelmed and stressed to experiencing ease and inner trust.
  • ​Go from blocked to creative, feeling safe  and limitless in having the wealth the way you desire.
  • ​Go from stuck to manifesting more money, clients, abundance in different ways.
  • ​You don't need to listen to the whole audio every time to get all the benefits of the experience.  10 minutes can still shift your energy.
  • ​I’m pairing it with a powerful self awareness tool, my Money Affirmation Workbook to shift your beliefs and thoughts.
  • ​Watch yourself become more MAGNETIC through this healing practice.

Many women have the fear of be seen as ungrateful or selfish if they ask for more money, especially when they already have enough. 

That is limiting to a woman who wants to create more opportunities, impact, and creative expansions. You are allowed to have limitless abundance.

Having a Multimillion Dollar Mindset upgrades the way you value yourself and the lives of others. 

Magnetize and Manifest.  Show up fully for yourself in your light, in your trust because you are a leader, a powerhouse, and you are meant to be unstoppable.

"I started seeing money flow into my bank account, got offered for business funding for my marketing agency, and even received some funds from my family and friends for no reason..."

Release the weight of negative thinking around money, wealthy, abundance, and make space for your expansion, because you are worthy, and you get to design your reality.

"What I love the most is the affirmation that our wealth and abundance can help others...these affirmations really speak to me. I can do so much good with the money I attract."

Allow the Money Affirmations to Deepen Your Self Trust and Self Worth.

"This conversation is not just about money. 

 It's about the pressures, guilt, shame, traumas, self doubts, fears and all the things that hold you back from being free and trusting of yourself; and from experiencing what money can do for your life and LEGACY." 

- Ai Nguyen